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Davos – Blockchain

During the World Economic Forum held annually in Davos, Don Tampskot, is a scientist and has a doctoral degree in the legal field, as well as engaged in a detailed study of Blokcheyn system, wrote a book called “The Revolution Blokcheyna” and living in Canada, said, soon Blokcheyn platform can act as an alternative to services like Airbnb and Uber.
According to the scientist, the Uber organization, the market value of which currently stands at US $ 60 million, without much effort can replace any application built on the basis of Blockchain platform, which in turn will be much more profitable due to its low cost, but the quality will be no to give the company’s application.

Any employee can easily place the identification data in Blockchain system, which in turn will trigger themselves. The same can be said about Airbnb and service, which is intended for short-term removal of residential premises.
In our time every day on the market you can find a growing number of innovative projects that are able to create interesting innovations based on technology Blockchain. Maria McConaughey, one of the founders and owners Ascribe organization, said that this technology can affect change in all things to which humanity is accustomed. She is also convinced that Blockchain technology is an innovation aimed at something that does not infringe upon the rights of humanity.

Besides all this, Blockchain technology can influence and musical direction. As an example is known in many countries Muse group, which has already started cooperation with the service OpenLedger, based on the base Blokcheyn allowing greatly simplify music monetization process. Thus, fans of music rock band can perform the acquisition of the musical work created by a group Muse is, resorting to the help of clever arrangements system, which in turn distribute the funds evenly between the parties of the contract in accordance with regulations. Resorting to the use of programs based on the basis of Blockchain, musicians will be able to receive about 90 percent of the funds from the sale of their works, it does not use the services of producers and managers. 

According to the latest research, Blokcheyn technology can be applied in a variety of fields. There are suggestions that soon the program on the basis of Blockchain will serve as an assistant in all spheres of life.