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Satoshi Games – online casino based on the use of bitcoin digital currency

The resource provides more than 70 different games that are available besplatno6 or you can play,
using real money (via cryptocurrency).
The advantage of this casino is to use the module “Control of Honesty”.

What is “Honesty control”?

Everyone knows that playing in online casinos, as well as in any other, you expose certain risks. If you lose a large amount of money a player is suspected about the transparency of the games in the online casino. If in a real casino player sees the entire process ourselves, the computer monitor leaves manipulation “behind the scenes”.
Therefore, very often people do not trust online resources and do not want to risk once again and
Sealy try their online games.
To solve this problem, a special system has been created – “Honesty control”.
This unique technology, developed specifically for online gambling with virtual currency, which does not allow the player to cheat or casino.
With kriptografiki Bitcoin system can check the suspicious games on honesty.
This type of test does not exist in conventional terrestrial or online casino, which makes the game Bitcoin casino more valid and reliable.

How it works?

“Honesty control” works based on cryptographic hash functions. These are converted to hash a string that can be checked by the algorithm. Any number or combination generated in advance, even before the game begins. They are chosen by a special software module – the random generator numbers – which provides a uniform appearance of random variables throughout process. That is why in normal casino impossible to monitor the integrity of the game – preliminary a randomly selection of the numbers is in the computer program. If there is any interference or any error in the payment, the hash will not be checked. As a player, you can check the result of any bets on their own, having received full transparency and confidence in this resource. Each game has its own algorithm for integrity verification. All the combinations are generated in advance, but still there is a doubt whether the sequence is generated specifically for a particular user, to prevent it from winning?
Thanks to the control system, the user can be sure of the pre-selected patterns and has the ability to change his own sequence, for example, move the reel slots, fell in roulette numbers, or cutting a deck of cards. 

Generally accepted hashing algorithm, a mathematical base “Control of Honesty” is the MD5 system.
The algorithm performs a “fingerprint” of personal data, length of 128 bits, which can be guided to
checking the authenticity of the original information. fingerprint generation occurs based on the input data,
by rigorous mathematical algorithm.
From this it follows that every player at the request receives the encrypted result of the game (Using the MD5 algorithm). In this case, the user can not even bet or cancel it, but the result is already known in advance (to understand it without certain knowledge is impossible).
Therefore, in order to gaming establishments could prove his honesty, the player receives the result
before the start of the game and can make sure that the game is not rigged.


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