Bitcoin Faucet Script


It was one of the most used scenarios, it was one of the most used scenarios, the epit and the faucet system.


Newest bitcoin script with great features

Integration with Faucetsystem AntibotInside
Detecting user country, certain countries.
Recaptcha and solve media captcha service.
Jackpot module.

4.Salmen’s Faucethub script

You can change the amount of random payout

It is a bitcoin address and a captcha.

You can add HTML sites.

24 hours stats.

For each claim.


You can use it as a payment option.


It is a scrambled text that you’ve sent to you.


8. FaucetHub PTCWALL

Integrated Faucet System. They are updating script on thread.

- Mining System
- Withdraw System
- Transactions List (LIVE).

9. CoinBox

Faucethub supported. If you love to put shortlinks on your faucet.

Main Features

- Multi shortlinks support

- BitCaptcha

- Faucet statistics on homepage

10. FaucetCMS (deep64)

FaucetHub system and direct payment option too. Admins can view Detailed statistics for claims including IP, User-Agent, BTC addr, system language.

Visitors demo

Admin demo

11. MakeJar Faucet Script

MakeJar is one of the best bitcoin faucet in Bitcoin Faucet industry. I like their script because they are not keeping updating their script. Adding new features and bugfixes.

Main Features:

Daily updates

Multi currency Bitcoin Faucet Script


Supporting FaucetHub & Faucetsystem

Multi captcha (almost all new captchas are ready here)

Paid Faucet scripts:
12.JQuery script

This script is based on jQuery, PHP, MySQL.

Few Features:

smooth loading
count up rewards
1 Concurrent claim per IP
Detect Bots and ban instant
Easy to configure.only adjust the setting
Payout to faucethub or Xapo
The price of the script is 0.019BTC

You have to send him a personal message to get script.

Main Features:

Responsive CSS-works on Mobile, Tablet and PC
Clean Layout-Simple design without the clutter.
Proxy Blocker-Block most proxies from accessing.
Solvemedia captcha
Makejar 5.50 antibot links
Failed attempt to lock down users from captcha or antibot too many times.
One claim for IP / Addy- IP & Addy both logged with each claim.
The price of this script is 25 $ new price $ 100.

14.Gambling Faucet

This script includes such games as Grid-Games, Guess the Number.

Main Features:

Robust, flexible, secure and easy to use.
Contains news system.
Have a gaming system.
contains contact form.
Login / Register based site.
Recaptcha and Solvemedia captcha to slay bots. Secure anti-bot system.
Ban bots and multiple accounts automatically.
profiting system.
chatting system.
Uses BlockTrail for payments.
includes forums to generate more impressions.
It is trusted, it is hugely used to the script.
Price of this script is $ 99.98

15. YFaucet

This script build own by yannik, most trusted faucet.

Main Features:

Fast loading

Easy admin panel

Faucet statistics includes total members, payouts, referral commission and referral members.

Multi currency- coming soon

Not static claim

VPN / Proxy / TOR / BOT safety

Price of this script is 15$